3 Ways To Find a Ceiling Joist

3 Ways To Find a Ceiling Joist

Almost always the ceiling joists are located at a distance of 16 or 24 inches. Therefore, if you know exactly the distance on which the joists are located, it is enough to know the location of one of them. Then use the tape measure to measure the necessary distance and find the rest.

Another way that many used before the advent of special tools are tapping. Tapping your knuckles over the sound can determine where the joist is. If the sound when tapping on the ceiling is loud — then there is empty. If the sound is solid, it means that they have found the joist.

The easiest way is to use a special tool. A joist finder (also known as stud finder) is a tool that will help to detect a joist inside a wall or ceiling or floor. Such devices are not expensive. As example, for a stud finder like Franklin ProSensor 710 that can find metal and wooden joists, you will need to pay about $ 30. In use, such tools are very simple. After you turn on the stud locator, you need to navigate smoothly along the ceiling. When the device detects a joist, it will give you a signal. Depending on the model, this may be a sound or light signal.

It is also worth noting that such tools can sometimes give false positives. Therefore, to be sure that you have exactly found a joist, it is desirable to find a neighbor. If the distance is 16 or 24 inches, then you can be sure that you have found the beam.

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